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Erie Seawolves Player Spotlight

The Importance Of June 8th

This date is an important one for every CBL team, but more important is to understand the importance of rounds


25 And Under CBL Dream Team

Today we build a team of players that are 25 and under and who are currently in CBL.   Catcher


3 For 3 Zack Greinke

3 for 3 -Steinke Greinke- For 10 years in CBL baseball there has been only one Steinke. Little over 10 years

Erie Seawolves

Seawolves 2024 Postseason Hype Video

Ready Or Not Here Come The Seawolves!!!!!!!!!!


The Journey

It was the great poet Ralph Waldo Emerson that once said, “Life is a Journey, Not a Destination”. Definition of

Erie Seawolves

The Man From Dix Hills

Erie,PA. Every spring a hand full or so men get the call, a chance to play in the C.B.L. For

Erie Seawolves

Q&A with GM of the Seawolves.

10:30 pm Erie,Pa. All but one light, a desk lamp, is turned on in the executive offices of the Erie

Erie Seawolves

The Year Is 2022…Welcome To The Year Of SeaWolves

  Year of epic baseball action, the year we go BIG, BIG, BIG. Wake up and smell the competition.  The Erie

Erie Seawolves

Erie Welcomes New CBL Team

Took years of planning, but finally the City of Erie have a CBL ballclub, the Erie Seawolves. The locals have