After finding no gold, the Gold Sox announce relocation

In a move that’s really not that surprising after another unremarkable season, this time going 68-94, the Gold Sox have announced plans to move from Colorado. In the 24 seasons in Colorado, the Gold Sox have a record of 1629-2126 and with that record haven’t finished any higher than 2nd in the Heartland and that was back in 2026. The Gold Sox have made playoffs in just 4 of those 24 seasons. The last time they made it was the 3 season streak of 2035-2037. Maybe the Gold Sox just need to rehire that GM?

Instead, lets introduce you to the Louisville Rivermen

The team name comes from the fact that Louisville sits on the banks of the Ohio River. In the post civil war era, the city emerged more prosperous than before, with merchant princes and manufacturers shaping the new economy. Owing to its strategic location at the Falls of the Ohio, Louisville was a major commercial center. River transportation was supplemented by the construction of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, which was chartered in 1850 and operated more than 1,800 miles of line in the state by 1920. Joseph E. Seagram and Sons opened the world’s largest distillery in Louisville following the repeal of prohibition.

Team owner Jorge Lopez said at the press conference “We’ve been flirting with the idea of Louisville and the CBL for a long time. We felt now was the right time.” The Rivermen also introduced their new jerseys and ballcaps.


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