• Doug Trojanowski posted an update 5 months ago

    2nd pick in the 2032 Draft was Johnny Clarno out Louisiana State University to St. Louis Sultans. Sultans are probably 2nd worst pitching franchise in CBL. Today they picked a pitcher who is closer to major league ready than most. Grading out as +++ in stuff, ++ in movement and close to ++ in control Clarno possesses great future ability. In his…[Read more]

  • Doug Trojanowski posted an update 5 months ago

    1st pick in the 2032 Draft was Piotr Rasputin out Yale University to Connecticut Colonials. Colonials historically are one of the two worst pitching franchises in CBL, but today they landed a possible once in a generation starter. Rasputin slider and cutter potential grade out as +++, his changeup and splitter as ++ pitches. He doesn’t actually…[Read more]

  • After a long time off we are bringing back 3 for 3, a small peak into players of the CBL.
    3 For 3
    -River “Presto” Fuller-
    Act 1 – The Star From Alexandria.
    It was a cool crisp day in April, the stands are half […]

  • With the annual June amateur draft scheduled for this Saturday afternoon (11 AM PST), here’s our best guess at how the first two rounds (42 picks) will unfold.
    Round One
    1. Connecticut Colonials: Piotr Rasputin, […]

    • One of the negative things that I can say about Frank Gallagher is that he drinks a lot. I also heard that he has family issues–this could potentially affect his performance in the game. If you can overcome those negatives, he’s a solid prospect. After all, God really does look out for drunks.

    • Let’s make a Shameless prequel where Frank is a top baseball prospect before Monica ruins his life lol

  • 2032 Sim Week 1 Review
    [Author’s Note: I will try to do one of these every Saturday night or Sunday morning for the regular season. It won’t be quite a month every time, so it’s not exactly a monthly review, but […]

  • Tim Imasa posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    After a 6-0 start, the Dawgs have lost 5 out of their last 8 games.

  • [Editor’s Note: Not all teams were done using the same template for the write-ups, that’s why some teams look different than other teams write-ups. You’ll survive.]

    It is warming outside, the grass is beginning […]

    • Feel free to comment with your thoughts/disagreements! I’ll start:

      My rotation also has Edgardo Cordero, if he can stay healthy for a full season–lost Perez for 6 weeks this last sim, so my pitching depth is being tested already.

      My defense should be fine, moved a lot of people around in the Spring but my opening day lineups are at least above average defensively I think. We’ll see though!

      And Altagracia will probably get some time this season, at least a few starts to hopefully accelerate his development even more. Depends how his first few AAA months go, though, of course. Well done on my team despite my objections, Trey. Thanks as always!

  • Just before dawn, Lucio “Cranky” Aguilar awakens to the all-too-common obnoxious screeching of his alarm clock. While awaking before dawn is nothing new to Aguilar, he’s not getting up for an early morning workout […]

    • Great read once again, Erik! Thank you for writing this article.

      I was really hoping that an HL would sign Lucio so we don’t have to deal with him on a regular basis. And the fact that Dancouver landed Lucio makes me hate it even more. So far, he’s looking like a STUD out there.

      I still think Luis Padilla will beat him, steals-wise. 🙂

  • Erie,Pa
    Coming off an unexpected playoff push that lead them 1 game short of the Cup, the Seawolves enter 2031 in a retooling offseason. Erie came out of the 2031 draft class feeling like they stole talent in the […]

  • Breaking news out of Seawolves organization, Jesus Sanchez, Juan Morales, Gyoo-jae Guem, and Matt Lachappa traded to Arrows for Randy Perry.

  • Around this time of the year the next version of OOTP is never far away. For some it is not a question IF to buy the latest version but WHEN to buy it. Some argue that 35 USD is worth it while others have other […]

    • We generally switch around June or July in real time, the game is usually on sale for the all star game and by then the majority of bugs and whatnot for the new version have been ironed out. Switching is usually necessary because it’s hard to find GMs for teams with older versions of the game.

      Personally, I completely disagree that the difference between OOTP 18 and 19 was simply a “roster update” as the AI is markedly improved and the strategic changes to bullpen usage especially were worth the update alone, so I think it’s a bit disingenuous to suggest upgrading from 19 to 20 would be just a roster update like you did. But again, that’s just my opinion.

      I hear you on the issues with the other games the company makes, but OOTP is one of the few games that CLEARLY upgrade several aspects of the game from version to version, and at a time when most video games are $60 minimum, getting the newest OOTP for somewhere between $25 and $45 depending on when you order it is a steal.

      But not to worry, I can’t imagine we upgrade any time sooner than June or July, which is months from now. If someone were to find a quarter a day (or merely spend 25 cents less a day) from now until June or July and it should pay for itself.

  • The current situation around trading draft picks is a compromise between drafting and not trading draft picks. In my opinion it’s an ok compromise, but like any other compromise that involves important decisions […]



    It was a cold winter evening when Natan Shapkovic received a call from a franchise that just lost its GM. No one knows what happened to the former GM, but rumors have it that he disappeared under s […]

  • Is there such a thing as a good problem? Recent surge in offense has seen Mike Simmons (.205) bench fro Wee-Bey (.489) and the DL stint by Waters (.326) and Guem (.287) opened up a spot for Purtlebaugh (.340). With Convey hitting (.309) Seawolves are looking at what to do with Guem when he is healthy. Worst hitter for the Seawolves is Gamboa (.274).

  • CF Muddy Waters and RF Gyoo-jae Guem are placed on 10 Day for precautionary reason. Art Wee-Bey C,Andy Purtlebaugh CF, Mike Van Lengen DH, and Angelo Soto SP promoted to 25 man roster.

  • Saturday, July 27, the SeaWolves are transformed into the Erie SnowWolves on Christmas in July presented by Arlens Company. The first 1,000 fans will receive a SnowWolves winter cap. Fans can enjoy $3 specials on […]

  • Tim Imasa posted an update 11 months ago

    Orlando Thako is your FL Player of The Week (.429, 8 HR, 17 RBI) #StayHot

  • The Charlotte Knights have been an early surprise in a packed Frontier League this season.

    The Knights opened the season 8-2 and finished April with a 13-10 record good enough for second place in a league with […]

  • The Howlers wrap up the series with the Arrows at 7:05 p.m. The SeaWolves welcome guests from area day camps, senior centers, and businesses for this special mid-week matinee. It’s also a AAA Member Wednesday. AAA […]

  • Join the Erie Seawolves April 22nd against Vancouver Canadians for Buck Night sponsored by NPC Bank, gates open at 6:00 pm and first pitch at 7:05pm. Dollar Bud Light,Smith hot dogs, and pop corn will be the […]

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