• It has been Quite sometime since we’ve come to you with any sort of article or interview; this could be attributed perhaps to lack of news or laziness. Recently we have decided the Philadelphia f […]

  • The first year player draft was held for the Continental Baseball League last night. Your Indianapolis Arrows had the 1st overall pick. The following is a pick by pick break down and the teams thoughts on each […]

  • The draft is coming and coming soon. No, I am not talking about El Nino or Nina or any other cold front coming to your area. I am speaking of the Amateur Draft. Not just any Amateur Draft. Not a game. I am […]

  • Jop Ruttman

    April wasn’t exactly a great month for the Arrows but it also wasn’t horrible. The Arrows had made numerous changes this offeseason, leading all the wait to and including the first week of the […]

  • Fans in St Louis are flocking back to see the Sultans thanks to an improvement in results, a new GM and lower ticket prices. “We had to do something to fill the stadium,” said new GM Phil Doyle to the media on […]

  • Can the Austin Bats repeat as champions, locking up a third title in just four seasons? Will the Mahoning Valley curse be lifted? Can Minneapolis finally climb the mountain? The 2035 season should be filled with […]

    • Great Writeup (will admit I didn’t read all 7,000 words lol) Did read the Arrows and Gold Sox preview. Always interesting to read other peoples opinions on players and moves. I’ve been trying to get Rupp to follow me to Indy but he want’s LA money. HAHA Was actually going heavy for him before I made move for Channon.

      Will say I hope OOTP’s predictions are more accurate for me for this season. LOL

  • Evaluations moving forward in Portland monitoring development seem to be still on the uptick as the off season comes to a close. We lost 5 players but gained 6 over the winter and as the graphic showed amongst […]

  • If one looks at Mahoning Valley’s record over the last 15 years, you would not think the Scrappers would be in rebuilding mode. Unbeknownst to many in the league, when Jacob Wallace stepped in to manage MV, the […]

    • Such a nice read, Jacob! I hope you break the curse and give the Scrappers their first Premier Cup!

      Also, did you photoshop Jordan on Scrappers uni???

    • Thank you for reading. I did photoshop Jordan in as well as Mahomes on the opening picture.

  • INDIANAPOLIS, IN — It’s been a busy month for the Indianapolis Arrows. First was the announcement of the GM change. And at a press conference today at Mosaic Stadium of a few more newsworthy items and one big […]

  • Minneapolis, MN – Just weeks after the Minneapolis Millers season had ended in three straight losses to their rival Vancouver Canadians, the local press was having a field day. After winning a league record 128 […]

  • Now that I have taken the time to learn a bit more about Word Press more articles may be in order in the future. I assure all that it won’t be something that comes from a journalistic expert with any frequency […]

  • 27-year-old Millers ace Edgardo Cordero was put on the market with feelers, but after a few discussions and offers, league sources feel Cordero will be playing elsewhere next season. Multiple teams have offered young talented packages for the standout right hander who has fallen behind Jose Perez as the Millers top starter.

  • Tim Imasa posted an update 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    Dawgs’ OF Daquan Weems is looking to bounce back after suffering a back injury prior to the playoffs last year (2034: .322/.364/.478).

  • Tim Imasa's profile was updated 1 month, 4 weeks ago

  • Before the 2034 season even began the Panthers clubhouse had no idea what the upcoming season would hold. The feeling was it would be a slow progression from being a bottom feeder from the Heartland to any sort […]

  • The Baseball world was rocked on Sunday by the surprise announcement that GM Phil Doyle had been fired by the California Dreamers. But then the news came through that Doyle had been appointed GM with the St Louis […]

    • Glad to see I’m not the only one crazy enough to leave a mid tier team to take over a 100 loss team. LOL Granted the Dreamers were 12 wins better then my Gold Sox and the Sultans were 10 wins better then the Arrows.

    • Man, Phil got 25 years younger after moving to STL! Haha! Just check the featured photo on his last post. 🙂

    • LOL Tim! Enjoyed all the articles Phil, appreciate the storyline of you getting “fired”, best of luck with the Sultans!

  • Dreamers GM has been fired by owner David Geffen. Details are scarce at the moment but we believe that Doyle has left with immediate effect. The Dreamers are coming of th eback of a poor season where they were […]

  • Authors Note: Sorry no fancy image this time, will try and do better next time. LOL

    Tuesday October 31st 2034

    It was announced this morning that the Indianapolis Arrows have come to terms with a new GM. […]

  • As we head into the much anticipated CBL playoffs, it seemed worthwhile to take a look back at the best regular season team in CBL history, the Minneapolis Millers. By posting it here, nobody has to read it, but […]

  • It’s that time of week again, where we look at the top prospects for the Colorado Gold Sox. Today we take at a look at LF Dave Land ranked 12th overall and 8th ranked batter.

    Current Team: AAA Kanab […]

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