• It was a wild draft this year in Manchester as the Marauder
    front office was working overtime, not preparing for their selections as much
    as trading them away. After engineering a swap of their first round pick […]

  • Photo by Levi Saunders on Unsplash
    Today we meet the voice of the St. Louis Sultans. The color commentator himself, Buffalo Bill Burgermeister (AKA Triple B).  The former clown school graduate and one time […]

  • Just a quick look around the league over the last week or so in-game time.

    Draft Surprises

    A generally computer-run Traverse City team selected high school second baseman Jack Roslovic with the first overall […]

  • With the league’s annual crapshoot rookie draft taking place in less than 48 hours, it seemed wise to take a slightly deeper look into the incoming draft class and some possible storylines surrounding the 2033 CBL […]

  • New Manchester Marauder GM Matt Bowling has had the checkbook out in recent weeks as the club has been in heated contract talks with a number of players. Manchester began by inking Amancio Montarroio to a […]

  • Tim Imasa posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Myron Payne has been fantastic since moving to the pen. He did not allow any runs and fanned 10 in his last 3 outings (9.3 innings).

  • The St. Louis Sultans today hired a new General Manager Kayber. His background stems from being a GM in another Indy League (to remain nameless), there he he didn’t have much luck trying to turn around an […]

    • Well written post, Kayber! I like how you used the quote feature in your blog, I think it looks beautiful and easy to read. With good enough pitching should take STL to the post season this year–I think.

      Also, glad to know we have another gamer on board. I used to play WoW back in the days and actually considered hopping back on due to the new expansions. But I must resist. Haha! Welcome to the league again!

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  • Kayber changed their profile picture 4 weeks, 1 day ago

  • Kayber changed their profile picture 4 weeks, 1 day ago

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  • There have been some big changes in Marauder Nation this week as the team hired new GM, Matt Bowling to take over the team. However, fans throughout New Hampshire were incredulous that a GM with so little […]

    • Good read, Matt!

      Father time caught up on Gillis. He used to be one of the top SP in CBL. I thought he’d be good until he’s 40 since he’s pretty durable. Let’s pray that he retires early to give you some salary relief soon.

      • Yes, we may have to start turning off the hot water in the shower when he’s in there until he gets the message. 🙂

        • Have you tried him in the pen? Looks like his stamina dropped bigtime. He’s putting up good numbers though in 1-2 innings. Plus, he’s a good clubhouse guy. It’s probably good that he’s with your team. I’m telling you, being a good leader has an effect in this game–at least in my opinion.

  • California Dreamers fans and staff were left reeling after news was leaked that star DH Andy Ramsey had turned down his option year and was looking to test Free Agency. Ramsey 32, had given assurances to […]

  • The date was November 1, 2022. 32-year-old outfielder Anthony Gose, coming off an injury-plagued .227/.311/.318 season while playing in just 20 games, informed the Richardson City Blood Raven he would not exercise […]

    • Catching up on my readings here.

      Great story on Sanders! This is better than Terry’s story to be honest. I hope you gave a raise to your scout. Obviously, he saw something in Sanders where other scouts didn’t.

  • 3rd pick in 2032 was Frank Gallagher hailing from East High School to Las Vegas Aces. In a city thats all about gambling Las Vegas takes a gamble. For a 16 year old who has played limited ball in travel/aau leagues the scouts rate this kid the next big thing. Rare doesn’t even come close to what he is now but his future is +++ in…[Read more]

  • 2nd pick in the 2032 Draft was Johnny Clarno out Louisiana State University to St. Louis Sultans. Sultans are probably 2nd worst pitching franchise in CBL. Today they picked a pitcher who is closer to major league ready than most. Grading out as +++ in stuff, ++ in movement and close to ++ in control Clarno possesses great future ability. In his…[Read more]

  • 1st pick in the 2032 Draft was Piotr Rasputin out Yale University to Connecticut Colonials. Colonials historically are one of the two worst pitching franchises in CBL, but today they landed a possible once in a generation starter. Rasputin slider and cutter potential grade out as +++, his changeup and splitter as ++ pitches. He doesn’t actually…[Read more]

  • After a long time off we are bringing back 3 for 3, a small peak into players of the CBL.
    3 For 3
    -River “Presto” Fuller-
    Act 1 – The Star From Alexandria.
    It was a cool crisp day in April, the stands are half […]

  • With the annual June amateur draft scheduled for this Saturday afternoon (11 AM PST), here’s our best guess at how the first two rounds (42 picks) will unfold.
    Round One
    1. Connecticut Colonials: Piotr Rasputin, […]

    • One of the negative things that I can say about Frank Gallagher is that he drinks a lot. I also heard that he has family issues–this could potentially affect his performance in the game. If you can overcome those negatives, he’s a solid prospect. After all, God really does look out for drunks.

    • Let’s make a Shameless prequel where Frank is a top baseball prospect before Monica ruins his life lol

  • 2032 Sim Week 1 Review
    [Author’s Note: I will try to do one of these every Saturday night or Sunday morning for the regular season. It won’t be quite a month every time, so it’s not exactly a monthly review, but […]

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