A month of moves

Unfortunately due to the slow start for the Gold Sox, fans knew the moves were coming. And unfortunatly that included fan favorite Jayson Philmon (.354, .446, .589, 10HR before trade .449, .526, .833, 8HR since the trade)

The Sox started June by trading SP Tomas Mejia to the Fargo Nordiques getting 24 year old reliver Julian Coasta and 24 year old first baseman Dave Land in return.

And on June 13th was the blockbuster that sent Philmon to Minneapolis[olis in exchange for 20-year-old left fielder Bob Piccolo, 18-year-old center fielder Raúl Martínez, 26-year-old reliever Dan Tigue, 23-year-old closer Kevin Boarman and 27-year-old reliever Bob Schulman.

When asked about the trade, GM Jeffrey Everroad said “I hated to move Philmon. He’s a fan favorite and was on a team friendly contract. Unfortunately our head scout Ivan Castro praised Piccolo as being very close to the next Philmon. Hopefully he’s right.” If he’s not, I’m sure the fans will remind the GM of that.

The Gold Sox currently sit 8th in the Heartland League, 17GB from division leading Austin Bats. And Sox are 10GB from Wild Card leading Mahoning Valley Scrappers.

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Tim Imasa

Sad to see Philmon leave Colorado. But I do like what you got for him–Particularly, Boarman and Schulman. Looking forward to see him in Colorado!

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