Before the 2034 season even began the Panthers clubhouse had no idea what the upcoming season would hold. The feeling was it would be a slow progression from being a bottom feeder from the Heartland to any sort of prominence. The off season was fruitful as GM Moore pieced and part his way to completing a roster; meanwhile, still attempting to build the farm for the future. Let’s fast forward to the completion of the year where they found their selves in playoffs after a 89-73 record as a wild card team. 89-73? Just unreal. This was not to occur till much later at least in our estimations. Pleased nonetheless with the outcome, but not too enthused with our 7-2 loss to Golden State in the one game playoff. The sting of the early exit much like that of a swarm of hornets to the groin. Moore was shaken to his coreā€¦ What was the ownership to think? Was this his top out? Had he taken them as far as the Panthers could be taken?
Moore himself had debated these questions as well. Additionally, should he resign to give another owner a shot as he had pencil whipped this team to get to this point? His very existence among management and his performance was the highlight of Portland news across Panther Nation. I mean, prior to 2034 he had done nothing to give the patrons what they wanted with improvement. His previous two years in office were pretty much a wash. The only thing hanging in the balance is his commitment to the farm, draft, and win games at those lower levels. Attendance and the team budget had improved in that time to which the organization had not seen in years. 2034 physically and mentally drained management the more time rolled on for the expectations that the experts had laid down after All Star break. They were the dark horse setting the bar high from the day forward to win the HL and possibly win the Cup. Management sees Moore in a different light where he has a different look in his eye. They can’t figure whether he is ready to “go the distance” or relinquish his role to someone else.
Now is the time that both parties needs to decide how far the leash is with Moore and how much he is committed to driving the organization to new levels to which they never seen before. Or even if he has that gear to excel in the limelight. Does he have the knowledge and expertise to take the Panthers to the promised land? Or the will power to continue?



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  • Erik Voldness, September 23, 2019 @ 11:59 am

    Nice article, Will, Portland definitely seems on an upward trajectory!

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