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  • Can the Austin Bats repeat as champions, locking up a third title in just four seasons? Will the Mahoning Valley curse be lifted? Can Minneapolis finally climb the mountain? The 2035 season should be filled with […]

    • Great Writeup (will admit I didn’t read all 7,000 words lol) Did read the Arrows and Gold Sox preview. Always interesting to read other peoples opinions on players and moves. I’ve been trying to get Rupp to follow me to Indy but he want’s LA money. HAHA Was actually going heavy for him before I made move for Channon.

      Will say I hope OOTP’s predictions are more accurate for me for this season. LOL

  • Evaluations moving forward in Portland monitoring development seem to be still on the uptick as the off season comes to a close. We lost 5 players but gained 6 over the winter and as the graphic showed amongst […]

  • If one looks at Mahoning Valley’s record over the last 15 years, you would not think the Scrappers would be in rebuilding mode. Unbeknownst to many in the league, when Jacob Wallace stepped in to manage MV, the […]

    • Such a nice read, Jacob! I hope you break the curse and give the Scrappers their first Premier Cup!

      Also, did you photoshop Jordan on Scrappers uni???

    • Thank you for reading. I did photoshop Jordan in as well as Mahomes on the opening picture.

  • INDIANAPOLIS, IN — It’s been a busy month for the Indianapolis Arrows. First was the announcement of the GM change. And at a press conference today at Mosaic Stadium of a few more newsworthy items and one big […]

  • Minneapolis, MN – Just weeks after the Minneapolis Millers season had ended in three straight losses to their rival Vancouver Canadians, the local press was having a field day. After winning a league record 128 […]

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2035 Season Preview

Can the Austin Bats repeat as champions, locking up a third title in just four seasons? Will the Mahoning Valley curse be lifted? Can Minneapolis finally climb ...

The Crystal Ball: 2032 CBL Predictions

[Editor’s Note: Not all teams were done using the same template for the write-ups, that’s why some teams look different than other teams write-ups. ...

2026 Season Predictions – East Side Edition

Heartland League East Division Regina Reapers (projected 5 th 62-100) Another year, another new leader in Regina. Will Matt be Regina’s great savior? Time will ...

2026 Season Predictions – West Side Edition

HL West Richardson City Bloodravens  Predicted Record: 88-74 2nd place   Let me start out by saying there’s a reason I used RC’s last champions...

Possible Free Agent Destinations and Offseason Trade Rumors

The 2025-2026 off season is here and the list of free agents looks intriguing for any team. There are seasoned veterans who broke out and impressed, even though...

HL East Predictions

Finally time for the last division in my 2025 predictions: HL East In full disclosure I had asked GM of the Austin Bats Trey Schalk to give me his predicted win...

HL West Predictions

Moving right along now to the HL Portland Panthers 2024: 95-67 Portland is a team that everyone should admire. The CBL depth along with the minor league system ...

FL East Predictions

Time to finish up my predictions for the FL. This division once again is one of the more intense and interesting battles in the CBL. I have a feeling CHR and ER...

FL West Predictions

Another CBL season is about to commence! Last year my predictions were incredibly flawed and inaccurate but I’m here to give it my best shot again this ye...

FL East 2024 Season Predictions

FL East  Previous Division Champions Previous Record: 87-75 Prediction: 78-84 X-Factor: Controversial to have a division winner fall this low. Honestly this div...

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