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Meet Triple B

Meet Triple B

Photo by Levi Saunders on Unsplash

Today we meet the voice of the St. Louis Sultans. The color commentator himself, Buffalo Bill Burgermeister (AKA Triple B).  The former clown school graduate and one time wrestling announcer, was hired on by the Sultans to bring some comedy to the franchise. Why you ask? We asked ourselves the same question.

So I was sitting at home drinking a Steel Reserve and watching reruns of Mystery Science Theater 3000, when i received a call from my old buddy Kayber. He asked me how i felt about Baseball? I told him it was more boring then a white wall in a hippies house and then he hired me.

Bill has no background in baseball. Six years as a professional clown and 12 as a commentator in an Orlando wrestling federation. Burgermeister has no business doing baseball announcing. The hire really makes no sense for drowning organization such as St. Louis. Kayber told us that Triple B would be doing weekly columns with stat talk, interviews, and his thoughts about the season and his love for cheesecakes.

The Sultans are still rumored to be moving next season and it seems the Florida native Buffalo Bill Burgermeister might be playing some part into the move. Kayber and Triple B have some type of arrangement that will allow Bill to host parties in the stadium and allowing him to host his backyard wrestling events.

I’ve never been so happy in my life. I can’t wait to see a game live. I mean I tried to watch it on TV a few times but i fell asleep after the first inning. Baseball is truly America’s pastime. I mean I left it in the past and woke up today.

Will see what this move brings, to the CBL. It could spice things up or it could prove to be the worst thing to ever happen to baseball. Only time will tell. Stay tuned for next week’s article. Triple B Recaps the Sultans Draft!

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  1. Tim Imasa

    Very creative, Kayber! Make sure to send everyone an invitation to the party!

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