Altoona has certainly been a busy a team this season, new gm’s Gagne and Zima have been making a huge splash in the CBL and that’s evident with there move tonight. Ruben Alaniz and Allen Craig along with minor League relief pitcher Jake Cosart are heading to Charlotte after hours of vigorous negotiations ! Altoona Recieves 27 year old LF Chad Kroeger (11 HRs this season), Relief Pitcher Alan Alexander, Relief pitcher Mitch Hart, and DH/1b Joe Mauer.


We Caught up with Zima after this deal transpired, “It’s sad to see Alaniz go but we are in a heavy playoff push, Vallejo and us have gone back and forth all season and we are looking for that move that sets us apart from our competition. We felt Alaniz would get us a big talent haul in return and with our acquisition of SP Robbie Erlin last night it opened us up to make a move. Our offense has been struggling lately and so having Kroeger in our lineup will certainly generate more runs. Another weak spot Dallis and I have noticed is Relief Pitching, getting two promising young hard throwing relievers was a fantastic addition to this trade! Everyone in the Altoona front office is thrilled for this trade that’s why we spent all day on the phones trying to get it done, as for Joe Mauer, this is a guy who’s been around the game for along time and has the work ethic and leadership we are looking for in Altoona.”


Gagne was short and sweet as always, “Yeah this deal was great, Alaniz was an awesome player but getting Kroeger to help this lineup is a thrill. I sat down with the two young relievers and they have the personalities Altoona looks for and are really a great addition to our Altoona family. Mauer was a man we knew can help our young guys and we are willing to pay the extra money for that to happen! GO CURVE, May the force be with us”


Altoona has been busy making many moves but from the tone of the front office and the GM’s they seem to be done for a while and are hoping ┬áthe team they have assembled can make a heavy playoff push and get over there recent funk! We’ll keep you posted on any news to come!



Justin Zima


General Manager - Philadelphia Liberty

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