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Richardson City Blood Raven

2017 Blood Raven Season Review and Future Outlook

2017 Blood Raven Season Review and Future Outlook




After a strong start to the season, including leading the division for most of the first two months, The Raven went through a rough stretch in July–winning just 3 games, losing the division and ultimately finishing with a subpar 73-89 season. Take a step, take a step, as has been GM Imran Manderly’s motto and Richardson City took another step forward this year, the organization feels, despite it’s record.

Take away that torrid and a rather unprecedented 3-19 July where nothing worked, no matter whom they played, the club finishes 70-70, right at .500. Which was near where they expected to be at. Take away their poor record against the bottom tier teams and the club has an even better record.  For the year, against all 8 playoff teams Richardson City finished with a 29-27 record. Which sounds more like the team that started and ended the year (33-26 the last two months).

The club is also in fantastic shape financially (61 million total and 30 million cash to play with as of this writing) with no contract over $4.4 million (Mike Minor’s TO) beyond 2018. The club has less than 25M committed for 2019, (newly acquired Eric Hosmer’s extension notwithstanding). Financial health and freedom is something GM Imran Manderly prioritized so it can dip for a high dollar star when it feels the need and take the risk, when the opportunity is there (like Avila this past trade deadline and Hosmer now). Still a small market club that has managed to be shrewd financially.

The Blood Raven are approaching Year 3 of it’s 4 Year plan and things are getting closer to what it expects. To get better next year, the club feels, for the most part, it has the pieces to take a bigger step next year and beyond. We will discuss those players in-depth to get more of a feel for how this club looks long-term as it may not be Dayton–but it believes its roster to be as good as The World Champions.

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Imran K | General Manager - Richardson City Blood Raven Accolades: 2018 CBL Premier Cup Champions 2019 CBL Premier Cup Champions


  1. Tim Imasa

    Give me Mike Minor back! He’ll be a starter in Petco Park! haha! RC is one of the teams to watch next season IMO.

    1. RC
    2. Portland
    3. MV

    BTW, you just earned 220 PP for this article alone. Good stuff, Imran!

  2. Erik Voldness

    Nice article, Imran. Good in-depth review of the team.

  3. Imran

    Thanks for reading guys!

    haha Tim, I’ll take a wild Marte!
    Minor could be traded, waiting to see if i’ll be able to replace him in FA.

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