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Washington Colonials

Werstein’s First Moves as GM and Opening Day injury report

Washington D.C. – March 30th, 2041 As Opening Day approaches, each franchise in the CBL has some difficult roster moves

Washington Colonials

Washington Colonials in a surprise takeover, spurs panic in local fan base

Washington D.C. – March 29th, 2041 In a surprise to everyone including the Colonials top operational brass, an obscure figure

Minneapolis Millers

Dom Sackett to Return

Floundering Millers Bring Back Manager Sackett Following the 2039 season, the Minneapolis Millers shocked the CBL world when they announced

Plataneros de Tabasca

Sultans on the Move

In a move that caught many by surprise, it was announced yesterday that the St Louis Sultans will relocate to

China Grove Samurai

Fargo Moving To Texas

In a surprise move, the Fargo Nordiques announced today they are moving to China Grove (a sleepy little town, down


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